Hi, I’m Lanna Wang!

I’m currently a Product Design student at Stanford University, but I’m originally from Massachusetts. Growing up, I have always considered myself an artistic soul—after all, I did win the “Most Artistic” superlative in my preschool class. Jokes aside, I truly love dancing, painting, and illustration. In these creative mediums, I find not only a means of expressing myself, but also a means of understanding others’ stories.

These interests led me to Stanford, where I discovered Product Design—the perfect synthesis of aesthetics, empathy, and engineering. Now, as a designer, I understand the importance of understanding user experiences and accounting for diverse perspectives.

Outside of the classroom, I am the president of Stanford Chinese Dance, where I celebrate my Asian American heritage with a close-knit community of dancers. I also enjoy good food, long walks in nature, and making people smile!

As I look to the future, I hope to help teams design equitable products that are inclusive and cognizant of systems of injustice. I am always eager to further develop my skills and guiding values, and I know that I will continue to grow on my journey as a designer!