Design + Dance | Designing Fat Liberation

At a Glance

Designing Fat Liberation was the first course that I took at Stanford’s After taking this class, I now have a better understanding of societal and institutional anti-fat bias, the connection between anti-fatness and anti-blackness, the limits of body positivity, and the intersectionality between fat liberation and the feminist, LGBTQ, and racial justice movements.

As a final project, we were challenged to design a solution to the prompt:

How might we advance Fat Liberation within the Stanford community?

Your task: Build a tool, object or experience to help Stanford community members advance their relationship with Fat Liberation. Your users may include:

  • Students

  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Alumni 

Because of my dance background, I tried to formulate a solution through dance – an artistic and collaborative medium that is inherently connected to the understanding of the human body.

My Role




Nariman Gathers

Megan D’Alessio


late May – early June 2021

2  weeks