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App Developer


June 2020 – June 2021


Lanna Llama Art actually started out as a quarantine project. I was dabbling in digital illustration for the first time using Procreate, and I yearned to create something bigger than my little illustrations. Not long after, I made the decision to start my own sticker shop on Etsy. Once I purchased a Cricut machine, a Canon inkjet printer, and matte sticker paper, I was ready to begin selling!

To this day, I have made nearly 200 sales and have maintained a high 5-star rating for quality and customer service.

While designing, producing, and selling stickers as a hobby is certainly not a lucrative business, I take pride in knowing that my stickers spark joy in others, and I wish to continue this endeavor.

You can visit my Etsy shop here.

The Story Behind the Name

Llamas and alpacas are my favorite animals! They are adorable, quirky, and wholesome creatures who never fail to make you smile. I chose “Lanna Llama Art” mainly for the alliteration (because let’s face it–“Lanna Alpaca Art” doesn’t quite have the same ring).

"Mocha and Latte" iOS Animated Sticker App

After starting my sticker shop on Etsy, I was eager to expand into digital sticker apps. I illustrated GIF based on two of my llama characters: Mocha and Latte, and created an animated sticker app for iOS that is now available on the App Store.

You can view my app here.

Fundraiser for #StopAsianHate

In light of the growing violence against Asian Americans, particularly the Atlanta shootings, I created a set of Asian-inspired stickers as a fundraiser for #StopAsianHate. Within a week, I raised $150 and donated it to the Atlanta chapter of Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC).