Product Design | Remote-Controlled Robot

I created this robot as a personal project over winter break (December 2021). My goal was to gain experience with constructing products using cardboard, soldering, and using electrical components.

I referenced these YouTube videos to construct the robot.


  • 65 x 26mm plastic tire wheels
  • DC 3-6v gear motor dual shaft
  • 9 volt battery
  • 9 volt battery clip connector
  • 12 in x 12 in corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Red and black electrical wire
  • Wooden pencils (for remote control)
  • Springs


When designing the form and aesthetics of the robot, I drew inspiration from Disney’s WALL-E and Baymax. I explored a variety of forms with a mixture of linear and organic shapes. Ultimately, I settled on a design that appeared friendly and endearing.


After settling on a design, I painted the cardboard sheets with white paint and cut out each part. I assembled the parts using hot glue and super glue.

When constructing the remote control, I began by creating the knobs using pencils, foam, springs, and bobby pins.

I referenced YouTube tutorials to complete the wiring on the remote. 

Final Product

Voila the completed remote-controlled robot!